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What is Botox for NYC patients made from?

When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles on the face, many patients think of treatments such as Botox. However, Botox does not work the same way dermal fillers do. Instead, this injectable is used to relax muscles on the upper third of the face to reduce their contractions. This can smooth the skin above and reduce the appearance of folds and wrinkles. Botox is typically used for lines on the forehead and the glabellar lines (the folds that develop between the eyebrows from frowning).

NYC patients want to learn more about what Botox is comprised of. Botox is a neurotoxin made from a pure source and small units of botulinum toxin A. This medication is known for reducing muscle contractions, which is how it became a popular solution for the wrinkles and folds on the face. Botulinum toxin A reduces muscle activity in a temporary manner. Botox is safe and is FDA approved for cosmetic enhancements.

Botox has been FDA approved for a number of medical indications as well. It can help with blepharospasm, strabismus, cervical dystonia, chronic migraine, overactive bladder, hyperhidrosis, and upper limb spasticity. The cosmetic and therapeutic benefits of Botox make it a versatile solution for many medical concerns.

As with any treatment provided by a doctor, there are the risks of side effects. Many of these are minor such as discomfort in the injection site, while others may require further attention. Patients consulting with Dr. Shelton can learn about the risks associated with treatment and learn what to look for after they have received their treatment.

Have you been considering the benefits Botox could provide for your appearance? Are you interested in learning how neurotoxins such as Botox can reduce folds and wrinkles on the face? Are you ready to speak with a dermatologist in regards to anti-aging solutions such as dermal fillers and other injectables? If so, you are encouraged to contact our practice.

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