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Belotero™ - Related FAQ's

Q: My hands look so old. What can I do to change their appearance?

A: The two most common causes of the old hand, is sundamage and age-induced loss of collagen in the dermis of the skin making thinner skin, and sun damage causing irregular pigmentation. The daily use of TNS Essential Serum can help induce new collagen growth from the human fibroblast growth factor that is an ingredient. This can help in between the series of Fraxel Restore fractional laser resurfacing treatments. Volume loss can be improved with the use of fillers. Fat grafting or fat injections can be harvested from the buttock, hip or abdomen of the patient and transferred to the hand so that the fat cells start to live in their new “home.” Radiesse and Belotero can be used off-label for an immediate effect.

Q: I have wrinkles above my lip into which my lipstick bleeds. What can be done for this?

A: Fraxel laser, Portrait Plasma and Dermabrasion resurfacing can help but these are invasive procedures that can have more than a week of down-time and there is a risk of scarring and coloration changes. Belotero, a new hyaluronic acid filler, is injected into the dermis right underneath these wrinkles elevating them and making the skin smoother immediately. There is a good chance of mild to moderate linear bruising which can take more than a week to resolve, but can be covered with makeup that evening. Belotero, and other hyaluronic acids, are not permanent and must be reinjected any where from six months to more than a year after. The fillers, however, that are injected into the upper lip area, usually dissolve more quickly than other parts of the face.

Q: I have a pacemaker. Can I have Belotero filler injected in my smile folds?

A: There is no reason to avoid having a filler injected because of a pacemaker. Certainly the filler should be injected with aseptic technique to avoid any bacteremia, or spread of bacteria through the general circulation which could seed implants such as the wires of the pacemaker.

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