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FAQ's on NYC Acne Scar Removal

Q: I have bad acne scars and want to know if Fraxel Repair or Fraxel Restore is better.

A: If you judge the results after one treatment each, then the Fraxel Repair is better. But this requires you to stay at home for a week or more to allow healing. Most patients require about 12 days to heal and most will stay at home for the first week because it is equivalent to a wound from a second degree burn. If the Fraxel Repair is to be repeated, then at the most, usually, it’s one year or later. The Fraxel Restore gives less impressive results with just one treatment, but the results tend to be better than Fraxel Repair when a patient undergoes multiple Fraxel Restore treatments. Healing is different with Restore than Repair. Fraxel Restore is healed so that women can even apply makeup that night. Most people are red, slightly to moderately swollen for up to five days and have very little flaking, or bronzing. There is no reason that someone has to stay at home the first week with Fraxel Restore. You could be out to dinner that evening, but those with swelling may feel self-conscious, but there won’t be bleeding, oozing or crusting.

Q: Can I have Ulthera skin tightening of my face and Fraxel resurfacing?

A: Yes. Ulthera and Fraxel each treat different skin conditions and the two together can significantly improve photodamage. If the treatments would be done close together, I would recommend the Ulthera first as it has no down time and the energy does not interfere with the surface skin which will undergo the Fraxel. However, it will take more time to heal from Fraxel Repair and a little time to heal from Fraxel Restore so that the Ulthera would have to be postponed for some time after these treatments (Repair more than Restore) prior to the Ulthera being done.

Q: I wanted to help my friend recover from her Fraxel Repair laser resurfacing and went over to help her change her dressing the first time. She had many blisters. What should she do?

A: She needs to call her doctor now! Blisters can result from different causes, but as some of those causes can lead to scar formation or long term coloration issues, your friend needs to be evaluated immediately.

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