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Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Reconstruction

Mohs Surgery NYC - 16 Weeks post operative Mohs reconstruction

Being the largest organ in the body, the skin is a major indicator of our general health. Current statistics indicate that skin cancer will affect as many as one in five people in our country at some point in their lives. The more UV exposure that occurs, the higher the risk is for concerning skin cancer. While the expert physicians in our comfortable Mid-town Manhattan medical practice often visit with patients who wish to improve the look of their skin, we also treat skin cancer using the latest proven techniques.

Mohs micrographic surgery is available for those who have something a little more than just aging skin. Those who are facing a distressful diagnosis of melanoma or skin cancer have access to the latest state-of-the-art treatment performed by specifically trained physicians. Although results from Mohs micrographic surgery may vary from person to person, the technique through which skin cancer lesions are removed has a very high success rate.

Physicians who have completed hundreds of hours of additional training in Mohs have the expertise to perform this delicate procedure with a great deal of precision, maximizing each patient's chances for a complete cure. With the technology utilized in the Mohs surgical procedure, the surgeon works to remove thin layers of the tumor, one at a time, followed by immediate examination under a microscope. Skin cancers are treated without affecting or damaging the skin in the surrounding region.

The Mohs surgical procedure provides the greatest amount of precision for the removal of skin cancers, and is ideal for highly visible areas on the body, including the face. By examining 100 percent of frozen section perimeters and deep margins, this technique provides the smallest defect to the skin possible. Dr. Shelton has fellowship training in this subspecialty along with reconstruction, and he is a member of the prestigious American College of Mohs Surgery.

Skin cancer can be a very frightening diagnosis. We understand the feelings of anxiety that may develop for the skin cancer patient, and we are happy to discuss the various forms of treatment that will best suit immediate and long-term needs, both for aesthetics and for health. Dr. Shelton and his colleagues encourage patients to gain familiarity with their skin so that unusual changes may be detected right away. With early detection and treatment, there are excellent chances for cure.

What's next?

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