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Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

Pico Laser Tattoo Removal NYC

PicoSure™ laser tattoo removal helps you return to clear, beautiful skin

There seem to be more people than ever showing some type of ink on their skin. At the same time, the rate of tattoo removal has also increased significantly, 43 percent in 2012 alone. The reasons for tattoo removal are as personal as those that lead a person to get inked in the first place. Today, one of the primary concerns related to tattoos is employment, with even the military instituting tighter regulations around this form of expression.

If you are the one in five people who desire tattoo removal and a return to clear, beautiful skin, there are several options to consider, with differences that really do matter. Early forms of tattoo removal included dermabrasion, acid treatments, and even surgical excision. Today, it is all about laser technology. Harnessing the power of laser light, tattoo removal treatments are gentler and safer.

Dr. Ron Shelton, in his mid-town Manhattan dermatology practice, uses the latest in laser tattoo removal technology, PicoSure®. Where conventional laser tattoo removal uses nanosecond technology, the Picosecond pulse is delivered in bursts equaling only one-trillionth of a second. These ultra-short bursts maximize the photomechanical impact of laser energy, facilitating the fastest possible clearance of tattoo ink. The research behind PicoSure laser techonology has advanced even since the first generation laser had been brought to the market, and there is better reduction of more colors than had been seen in the past.

PicoSure® vs. the Q-switched laser

Until PicoSure®, the gold standard in tattoo removal had been the use of Q-Switched lasers. These devices send heat via thermal energy beneath the skin where ink particles are broken apart. PicoSure® technology is so powerful that in just a trillionth of a second, thermal energy shatters ink into finite particles. The smaller particles are then far more easily absorbed through natural processes, which equates to faster resolution of the unwanted tattoo.

PicoSure® is effective on any color of ink, including shades of green and blue which have notoriously been a challenge for the Q-Switched laser.

Ready to find out more?

Whether you have original ink which you wish to remove, or you have lingering remnants of ink after tattoo removal using an ineffective method of tattoo removal, the PicoSure® laser treatment in the Manhattan office of Dr. Ron Shelton may be right for you.
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