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CoolSculpting™ for Abdominal Fat in NYC

Both men and women are often plaqued with a depot of unwanted fat in the abdomen that they can't get rid of by diet and exercise alone. CoolSculpting freezes the fat and without downtime of an invasive procedure, can effectively shrink that fat bulge.

Before CoolSculpting
After CoolSculpting

Dr. Shelton personally examines his patients in consultation to ensure that they have the anatomy suitable for CoolSculpting. Obese patients whose fat is mostly around the intestinal tract in the abdominal cavity, and behind the abdominal muscular wall, are not candidates for this procedure. That fat responds to diet and exercise. The stubborn bulge over the abdominal muscle and beneath the skin can be reduced with the CoolCore or CoolMax applicators from CoolSculpting. The CoolAdvantage modification of these applicators allows for markedly less treatment time and is more effective than the earlier CoolSculpting technology.

Dr. Shelton uses templates to see how the applicators would best fit, and determines how many applicators are needed for the upper and lower abdomen. Treatment to transformation involves sculpting the abdomen by overlapping applicators in horizontal and diagonal positions, which is personally done by Dr. Shelton, not his nurses or assistants. Treatment to Transformation has made a significant improvement in the abdominal fat reductionin Dr. Shelton's patients.

There is minimal to no downtime with CoolSculpting and it is a good alternative to invasive liposuction procedures. Patients can return to their normal activities soon after treatment. Dr. Shelton will discuss with you in consultation the benefits, risks, alternatives and the treatment. After it is determined how many applicators and the type of applicators needed, then Dr. Shelton's patients receive a written price quote for the procedure so they can contemplate their decision to undergo CoolSculpting.

What's next?

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