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Best Botox™ NYC - Benefits

The various benefits of Botox™ have made an attractive treatment for many cosmetic problems. Not only does this treatment help revitalize the face but also increases the patient's youthfulness.

Movement of the muscles and facial expressions can cause wrinkles in the area around the eyes. Dr. Shelton uses Botox™ to remove these wrinkles. This injectable weakens the muscles which cause crinkling and squinting. Treating this area with this muscle relaxer helps eliminate or at least reduce crow's feet around the eyes. As this injection affects only the muscles, Dr. Shelton's patients don't need to worry about loss of sensation in the treated area.

In his many years of experience, Dr. Shelton has seen many patients complain of wrinkling of the brows in a large number of patients. Common causes of this include frowning, laughing and smiling. He has found that the use of this injectable can cause the person's appearance to change dramatically. With a simple treatment, Dr. Shelton has helped many people's appearance to change from one of continual anger or sadness to one of serenity and youthfulness.

Botox™ for Men?

Interestingly, a notable percentage of the patients who benefit from this treatment are men.

Age can take a toll on the face as the forehead muscles create ugly and permanent creases in the skin. This leads to a haggard and older appearance, for which Dr. Shelton recommends the use of Botox™ to relax the facial muscles. The benefits of this are the reduction of wrinkles and smoothening of the skin.

Other benefits of Botox™ can be seen in jaw contouring procedures. During his career, Dr. Shelton has had patients complain of an oversized jaw or masseter muscles. He uses this filler to help patients change the shape of their face from that of a square to an oval without surgery. The treatment helps reduce the size of the muscles and create a gently curved jaw and cheek.

The benefits of Botox™ are numerous and the "aesthetic" possibilities that it presents are numerous.

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