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Ultherapy New York - Related FAQ's

My friend noticed that my cheeks are falling and I don't want surgery. Should I have a filler injected? I read something about Ulthera, is this for me?

You might benefit by fillers and an examination by an experienced doctor can tell you what should be done to help your condition. Often a tightening procedure is done in conjunction with fillers or volumizers to improve the support of the face. If you decide on having a tightening procedure such as Ulthera, you should have this done before the fillers.

I am interested in having Ulthera. I heard from a friend in NYC that Ulterapy helped her amazingly. I was just about to have fillers done for my flat cheeks. Can I have Ulthera done after the fillers?

The answer is not available if the Ulthera deep ultrasonic energy can reduce the effectiveness of fillers, so if you had the fillers then you should probably wait six months or more before you have the treatment until the research data is available. Otherwise the longevity of the filler may not last as long and you would be returning sooner than normal to have more filler. The fillers can be done the same day, immediately after the Ulthera, or a day later, just as long as the filler is not done immediately prior to the Ulthera.

I have a big wedding to attend in one month in NYC. I certainly don't have time to have a facelift and recover as I am too busy preparing for the wedding. What else can I do to have a younger-looking face? Should I think about Ulthera?

It depends on what condition you have that needs correction. If there is a flattening of the cheek structure and fillers can recreate the convexity of the apple of the cheek, then the lower face may be lifted, including the jowls and sometimes the smile folds. In addition, a non-invasive ultrasound treatment called Ulthera, or Ultherapy, can help tighten the tissues. The results won't be seen at their maximal improvement for about six months, but some patients notice immediate tightening as has been seen during the development of this procedure.

I am scheduled for Ulthera on my whole face and neck for tightening in less than a week and now realize that I have a golf tournament in one month. Will I be OK?

You should not have any issues after Ulthera in one month to prevent you from participating in the tournament. There can be temporary areas of sensitivity and even numbness or weakness in the face but there shouldn't be a visible negative effect, and even if there were a temporary nerve weakness, it wouldn't affect the golf performance.

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Ultherapy NYC - bullet Ultherapy Results NYC Ultherapy Treatments NYC - I am having an important social function next month and when the family had photos done I was truly shocked to see how old I looked in the pictures. I went to a plastic surgeon but he said a facelift would help me very much but he would not do it that close to the function. Although most people heal pretty well that they can camouflage the redness of the incisions after two weeks, I might be very swollen and it might look more obvious that I had a lift at the time of the function. Furthermore, if there were a complication I might eventually heal very well but I could look even disfigured in a few weeks. Is there anything else I can try like ultherapy?
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