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TNS Essential Serum Skin Medica The Science
and Rationale

Anti-aging, or maintenance of our skin's health is highly sought after by a large percent of the population. Whether it's for improvement of wrinkles, coloration changes or precancerous and skin cancer development, all related to sun exposure when we were children, there are many topical therapies that are used to address these concerns. Skin Medica's TNS Essential Serum is very unique in having multiple components all in one product. The Essential Serum is much less costly than some high-end department store creams that are packaged in fancy containers but their ingredients have never been put through rigorous medical studies. Essential Serum's cost is a fraction of what a patient would have to spend to obtain all the different important chemical ingredients that are applied to their skin with the application of the Essential Serum.

During a scientific conference with Skin Medica, in July 2013, Dr. Ron Shelton explained to the educational director that not only is the benefit of the Essential Serum in providing a better cosmetic appearance in the aged face with the collagen stimulation from the growth factors, an important concern of his and his patients, but that Dr. Shelton believes in the application of TNS Essential Serum every day for photo rejuvenation because of the very important anti-oxidant, ergothionine. Ergothionine in laboratory studies showed reversal of ultraviolet-induced DNA damage that later could cause skin cancer.

The effects of sun exposure when the baby boomers were children and sunscreens didn't exceed an SPF of 4, were significant in producing the aged appearance of wrinkles, sallow color, irregular texture and precancerous changes in adults which progressed to non-melanoma skin cancers as well as melanomas in many individuals later in their life. The ultraviolet A rays are more deeply penetrating than the ultraviolet B and the former causes significant aging. The fibroblast growth factors in the TNS Essential Serum and the Skin Medica Recovery cream, help the skin fight the damage to the collagen infrastructure of the skin by producing new collagen. The growth factors in TNS Essential Serum had been tested against competitors' products that claimed they had growth factors as well but in a blinded analysis, only the TNS Essential Serum had greater than a 99% concentration whereas the other products had only 1% available growth factors. The TNS growth factors are stable and naturally secreting which is extremely important in their ability to help the skin produce new collagen. It is the natural secretion from the cell through the cell membrane that allows the growth factor to be formed into its mature and active form. Other growth factors produced by other companies don't match the bioavailable effectiveness of SkinMedica's Essential Serum.

The fibroblast growth factor in Essential Serum by Skin Medica is a great adjunct to fractional lasers when used to improve wrinkles, acne scars and photodamage. I recommend the TNS Essential Serum to many patients before and after the Fraxel laser, Portrait Plasma resurfacing, chemical peels or any other treatment that helps increase one's collagen in the dermis, to prime their fibroblasts and have them produce more and better collagen once they have the resurfacing treatment. You wouldn't go to a dentist for laser teeth whitening once a year and not brush your teeth every day. You'd want to protect your investment and maintain your teeth's whiteness and have less cavities so you brush your teeth daily. Similarly, one who has laser facial rejuvenation should use TNS Essential Serum daily, AM and PM, to improve the laser results and maintain them, year after year.

In addition to the fibroblast growth factor-enriched Recovery Complex which is the brilliant red color that exits in one of the two pumps in the TNS Essential Serum, there is a large collection of anti-oxidants in the beige-colored serum that is expelled through the second pump. Vitamins C and E along with other important anti-oxidants are included in this beige gel. One of the most important components which is so dear to Dr. Shelton's heart, is the ergothionine. Dr. Shelton is well-read on the benefits of ergothionine's ability in laboratory animal assays, to reverse the sun-induced DNA damage (that is normally caused many years previously and the human immune response of the skin combats the attempt of the DNA-damaged cells to produce a skin cancer until the immune cells tire out from age, environmental stress, and continued sun-exposure weakening the Langerhans cells activity, and then some of the cancerous cells start to duplicate eventually forming a skin cancer).

Ergothionine was discovered by Dr. Daniel Yarosh, Ph. D., who had worked in the National Institute of Health (NIH) for 25 years and then moved to the Rockefeller Institute while he was researching this question. As Dr. Shelton performs Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstruction for skin cancer, he is well aware of the advantages to his patients of using sunscreen. The sunscreen is important in maintaining adequate numbers of Langerhans cells because ultraviolet energy decreases the population of Langerhans cells. The use of ergothionine topically is proven in laboratory animals to reverse the ultraviolet induced DNA damage but we don't have human studies to-date. There is not a better alternative of which I'm aware of any topical product that can fix the DNA once broken by ultraviolet exposure and for this reason, Dr. Shelton recommends it for his patients who have innumerable precancerous actinic keratoses and a history of non-melanoma skin cancers that have been removed by Mohs surgery in his NYC office. The damage was done decades ago with, usually, continued exacerbation through current exposure to the sun, so no one should imgine that the improvement that a topical product can provide will be seen in one or two months. In fact, the improvement in cosmetic appearance is faster than the improvement in the precancerous sun-induced changes. Decades of damage means that the TNS Essential Serum needs to become part of one's longterm maintenance program for their facial skin's health.

The company's computerized models showing the surface texture improvement after use of the Essential Serum are quite impressive but the protection against previous ultraviolet exposure is the most important aspect of this essential product.

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