Dermal Fillers are commonly used to 'fill up the dermis,' or pump up the volume of the skin, to achieve better contours and reduce wrinkles and lines. To combat the effects and tell-tale signs of aging, these dermal fillers are injected into affected areas of the facial skin to erase creases and restore a youthful appearance.

Making an appointment with the Board Certified Experts at Dr. Shelton's office in Manhattan is about the wisest move you can make if your reflection has been troubling or distressing you. At the New York Aesthetic Consultants LLP, they take your skin concerns seriously.

Restylane™ is an FDA approved dermal filler that you can select to use for the treatment of crow's feet, forehead lines and orbital troughs around the eyes, lips, or folds around the facial region. This dermal filler is a hyaluronic acid which is not animal based.

Since Restylane™ has no anesthetic content, your doctor will use a local anesthetic to eliminate the mild discomfort you might experience from the injection. Plan to spend around 30 minutes or more at the doctor's office for your Restylane™ treatment.

When your doctor has identified the injection points and the quantity of Restylane™ to be administered, he or she will use an antiseptic to prepare your face. When injected under the skin, the acid content in the filler sticks to the skin while also attracting the water, which produces the volume.

The other advantage of Restylane™ is that it has a fast recovery period, making it a convenient option. You can be back to your regular routine within two or three days. Results of the treatment can be seen within seven days and it will last for as long as six months.

*Results may vary

Ask Dr. Shelton

Q: Is there a limit in years as to how long I can have filler, such as Restylane™ or Juvederm™, injected in my face?

A: There is no problem to continually have filler injected in the face. Once it wears off after the last treatment, there is no problem with doing a facelift. Perlane™, sculptra™, Restylane™, Juvederm™, Radiesse™ dissolve and don't produce restrictions from having other procedures.
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