When certain areas of the body develop an excess of fatty deposits, there is the potential for the skin to appear lumpy. Living in a society in which body image is incredibly important, the appearance of unwanted fat can cause emotional upset. Diet and exercise, of course, play a role in how fit the body remains. There are times, however, when a little extra assistance is needed to achieve the streamlined appearance that is desired. In the Mid-town Manhattan office of Dr. Ron Shelton, men and women who wish to realize the goals they have for their physique can consult with extensively trained, board-certified physicians who are happy to answer questions regarding liposuction for fat reduction.

Liposuction is a procedure through which unwanted fat is gently removed from beneath the skin via a small cannula. This surgery is performed in an accredited surgery center with local anesthetic, which numbs the treatment area. Patients also have the option of receiving IV sedation for their procedure, allowing them to rest comfortably as our skilled team works with precision to achieve outstanding body contours.

The most frequently used technique for fat reduction is tumescent liposuction. Doctors inject highly diluted local anesthetic into the fatty cells of the areas to be treated. Treating the fat cells with tumescent solution causes them to become swollen and firm, facilitating removal from the body.

Narcotic pain relievers during and after this procedure are not needed for all patients who undergo tumescent liposuction, as the local anesthetic in the tumescent solution lasts for several hours.

Liposuction is a specialty procedure in which Dr. Shelton's expertise is evidenced by the book he has authored on this topic. If you are considering liposuction for the removal of unwanted fatty deposits, a consultation with Dr. Shelton can provide you with the necessary information to determine if this procedure is suited to your needs.

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