Laser Hair Removal

Body hair or even excessive body hair for many people can be a problem, this is why Dr. Shelton offers laser hair removal as a solution. Whether you are a man or woman, this procedure will help you obtain your desired results.

If excess body hair is your concern, visit the New York Aesthetic Consultants LLP in Manhattan where Dr. Shelton and his team are well qualified to help you. You will not be offered methods such as tweezing, waxing or electrolysis, which are generally accompanied by a high level of discomfort.

With the aid of lasers, your doctor will utilize the technique called ‘selective photothermolysis,’ to precisely heat the specific areas where hair growth occurs. This means that the laser heat will be accurately directed at the follicle and will not affect the skin around the area. Unlike other procedures, this ensures minimum skin irritation.

Additionally, with each laser pulse, hundreds of hairs are removed, compared to the one per every two seconds in electrolysis. The hair follicles in the current cycle of hair growth are removed in one treatment. To target follicles in all three distinct hair growth cycles, you will require several sessions.

Laser hair removal is an FDA approved system for "permanent hair reduction." although the FDA might have approved it for permanent hair removal, we refer to it as long term hair reduction as there are cases of recurrent hair growth and there are some who fail to obtain results. It is a popular procedure because it causes minimum distress and achieves maximum results.

Before your treatment, the medical office will shave down the extra hair, apply a numbing cream, and then the laser beam will be used to remove the roots.

*Results may vary

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