Increasing lip volume with Juvederm Ultra

Cheek Augmentation with Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Ultra
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When you visit the New York Aesthetic Consultants LLP, you have another choice of treatment available when it comes to embarrassing wrinkles. It is a dermal filler called Juvederm™ which is primarily composed of hyaluronic acid. Whether you are trying to get rid of smile lines, scars, hollow spots, or sagging lips, Juvederm™ is an ideal solution.

Arranging a consultation with qualified dermatologists from the panel at Dr Shelton’s elegant Manhattan facility will clear any doubts and answer all your questions. You can find out about the pros and cons of Juvederm™ compared to other anti aging products.

Juvederm™ has been FDA tested and is an effective way of reducing distressing creases. It is important, however, that you inform your doctor at the New York Aesthetic Consultants LLP if you are prone to allergic conditions. Juvederm™ is not recommended for individuals with allergies.

A further advantage of Juvederm™ is that it contains lidocaine which is an anesthetic, and therefore the recovery period is very short. Your doctor may choose to use a local anesthetic, however, if he or she feels it is necessary. Within minutes of your treatment procedure you will see the results of your wrinkles filling out and your crease lines fading away.

Additionally, the actual gel injection treatment takes about 15 minutes, so there is no requirement to take time off from your work schedule to have your session at the New York Aesthetic Consultants LLP. Your doctor will advise you of what you should avoid in the first 24 hours after treatment to optimize the benefits and results.

With its record of lasting from between nine to 12 months, Juvederm™ is one of the best long-term medications for anti-aging available on the cosmetic market today. These results could vary for individuals and you will need to monitor the effects to schedule your next appointment.

*Results may vary

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