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Fraxel™ Dual laser treatment of freckles and sunspots
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Fraxel NYC, Portrait Plasma NYC, Fraxel NY, NYC Fraxel - Case-2
Fraxel NYC, Portrait Plasma NYC, Fraxel NY, NYC Fraxel - Case-3
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Nobody likes wrinkles. Dr. Ronald Shelton understands that more than anyone else. His long history of transforming faces, skins, and lives, speaks volumes about his dedication to the cause of beauty. Located in the center of Manhattan, NYAC's dermatologists and plastic surgeons are available to address any distressing aesthetic issues that hound you.

The FDA approved treatments of Fraxel Restore, Fraxel Dual, and Fraxel Repair have been proven to dramatically improve the appearance of skin, effectively decreasing the appearance of common issues that cause one to look older than he or she really is. To combat the effects of time and eliminate the appearance of age or sun spots, Melasma or the Mask of Pregnancy, or scarring from acne, contact us at (212) 561-5808. Making this call and scheduling your one on one consultation with one of our Board Certified plastic surgeons, you move closer to the version of yourself that you most love. Appointments may also be arranged by emailing

Fraxel™ Dual is Solta's newest modality. Fraxel™ Dual has two lasers in one. The New York Aesthetic Consultants continues to provide the state of the art technology and was one of the first practices in New York City to obtain the Fraxel™ Dual laser. The Dual laser containes both the Fraxel™ Restore and the new Fraxel™ Thurium laser. The Restore continues to help minimize fine lines, but the second laser wavelength helps minimize sunspots and freckles more efficiently. There is some peeling that does occur with the Fraxel™ Dual laser and Dr. Shelton will evaluate your skin and inform you as to which laser treatment plan is best for you and what to expect with the convalescence so that you can schedule a treatment accordingly. The amount of Restore and Dual can be adjusted for your skin and the amount of peeling can also be adjusted based on your needs.

The Fraxel™ Repair laser is a fractional ablative treatment that provides a more comfortable healing period than the older non-fractional carbon dioxide laser that created a full area of a facial wound equivalent to a second degree burn. The Fraxel™ Repair breaks through the skin's outside surface and allows the infinitesimal columns of light to remove coloumns of damaged collagen from the underlying dermis and the body then replaces this with new long-lived collagen. Since only a maximum of 15 to 30 percent of the skin is treated leaving intact and untreated areas around each treated spot, this leaves allowance for the natural healing process to do a more efficient job of recovery.

*Results may vary

Fraxel NYC - Winning The War Against WrinklesFraxel NYC - Got Wrinkles? We’ve Got the Fix.

Ron Shelton, MD, wants to educate you on how to prevent wrinkles. He discusses factors in the development of wrinkles.

Ron Shelton, MD, discusses the latest new therapies to stimulate the growth of new collagen and treat wrinkles

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