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Volume depletion from fat loss is a consequence of the normal aging process and also significant weight loss. In the face, this contributes to a less youthful appearance. People with facial volume loss look more tired than they are, and can appear to be ill to others. The volume loss creates a lack of support of the overlying tissues which then causes the eyelids to fall, the temple sink in, the cheeks deflate and create larger smile folds and jowls form below the jawline. Replacing this volume loss is done with thin fillers for the superficial lines and thicker fillers for the deep infrastructure. See our page on Juvederm™ Ultra for the superficial hyaluronic acid fillers. This section deals with the thicker, more viscous Perlane™, Juvederm™ Ultra Plus, Radiesse™, Fat Injections and mentions Sculptra™, which acts as a seed to stimulate new collagen production by your own body rather than being a filler.

Fillers may last up to a year or more. Sculptra™, after three treatments done every six weeks approximately, may last for a year and a half or more. Fat injections are fat grafts, and a certain percent of those cells live in the new area, and some die. Not all can live as they need to acquire a new way in which to receive the oxygen they need. This usually means for the first two days there is diffusion of oxygen from the adjoining tissues but new blood vessels have to grow into the nest of fat cells and nourish them. If there is too much fat in volume, placed at one time, more of the fat may die. The fat is most commonly harvested with local anesthetic from the buttock, lower abdomen or outer thigh. I then use the technique of centrifugation to take away the local anesthetic that is now mixed with the fat to have made it a painless removal, and then insert the fat through a very small cannula into the recipient site where we need to augment the volume.

The type of filler depends on your specific anatomical contour, the depth and volume needed of a filler, and the types of lines that are to be treated. Volume replacement not only improves contour but has a way of making the overlying skin’s texture appear better. Many patients do not need a facelift, but only volume replacement to give them a more youthful appearance.

Bruising may occur so avoid blood thinners before the procedure. Your doctor can advise you concerning this. There is some medical evidence that Arnica Montana, a herb, may reduce swelling and bruising if taken around the time of a procedure so speak to us about this so that if you are interested you will know what product to obtain from us. Aside from being swollen and bruised, there is not much downtime, activities are not restricted for more than a day to several days depending on the amount of work done.

Last updated on: 10 March, 2018

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