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The common belief is that your skin tells the story of your health. If you are careful about your diet, eat mineral rich foods, flush your system with adequate fluids, and exercise for good blood circulation then you should be sporting glowing and radiant skin!

The secret of having good skin is sometimes not all that simple. For people who have had lifelong battles with skin conditions, irritations and acne, the biggest part of the secret can be a qualified and experienced dermatologist who is attentive and dedicated to his or her patients’ wellbeing.

Your friendly and caring cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Shelton, is more than an expert. In recognition of his outstanding abilities, he has been accorded the honor of being selected by a group of his peers to be included in the ‘Best Doctors by New York Magazine’ list.

Additionally, Dr. Shelton is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, which ranks him as a leader in his profession. Dr. Shelton, whether specializing in cosmetic or surgical dermatology, is certified by the American Board of Dermatology.

Your dermatologist is a professional who has not only completed a medical degree, but has gone on to complete a further three years of study as a dermatologist. If a person specializes in a particular field of dermatology, he or she obtains advanced training in that subject.

When your skin needs special attention, do not hesitate to make a call and arrange for a consultation with the cream of the profession at The New York Aesthetic Consultants LLP. Dr. Shelton will work with you to restore vitality and health to your skin.

Last updated on:24 September, 2017 *Results may vary

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