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Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 8 Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 7 Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 1 One Week After Botox™ injections to the glabella (region between the eyebrows - At Rest) Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 2 One Week After Botox™ injections to the glabella (region between the eyebrows - with Frowning) Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 3 Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 4 Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 5 Botox NYC - Before After Treatment Case 6
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Worry lines between your brows worrying you? Take your frowns to Dr. Shelton's premier cosmetic surgery practice at the upscale Upper Eastside medical office in Manhattan and let them be eased away with Botox™ injections. This treatment comprises a series of tiny injections you can get done during your lunch breaks, and walk away primed and ready to be refreshed and brand new in a matter of days.

No anesthetic injections, no recovery time, and if your doctor feels you require an anesthetic cream or cold pack to numb the spot, you will feel even less apprehensive. The muscles that are the cause of your troublesome furrows could be quite varied from individual to individual. Your doctor will use Botox™ Cosmetic to affect the muscles in question.

Your Board Certified Dermatologist will discover the culprit and have it treated with no delay. Your session that lasted hardly any time can produce amazing results that could keep you looking unhurried and serene for up to four months, results will vary per patient.

Browse through our website and check the 'treatment visualizer' that will give you a sneak preview at the 'Before and After Gallery' and get excited about the treat in store for you. So we invite you to explore and satisfy yourself.

*Results may vary
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Botox Pain NYC - I take coumadin because of a blood clot I had in my leg a year ago. I hate my frown lines. Can I have Botox injected?
Botox Pain New York - I had botox for my crows feet but the lines still show when I smile wide. Why is this?
Botox Procedures NYC - I have always had heavy eyebrows and don't seem to havean arch. Can Botox help raise the arch of my eyebrow?
Botox Pains NYC - I had Botox on my forehead a week ago but my one eyebrow is so lifted on its corner that I look very stern. Will this last forever?
Botox Treatments New York - I want an upturn in my upper eyelid can Botox help?
Botox Party New York - Can there be complications from Botox such as nerve injury? I read something about this on line and it makes me nervous to have Botox.
Botox Numbness New York - I love the results I get with Botox but I wish I didn't need to have it redone every four months. Is there anything else permanent for my frown lines?
Botox Irritation New York - I have bad wrinkles in my upper lip. My lipstick never looks normal, it kind of runs into these lines. What would help minimize this trouble of mine?
Botox Crowsfeet New York - I hate the deep lines that run from the corners of my lips down. It makes me look sick and sad. Should I have laser?

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