Are worry lines between your brows worrying you? Take your frowns to Dr. Shelton's premier cosmetic surgery practice at the upscale Upper Eastside medical office in Manhattan and let them be eased away with Botox™ injections. This treatment comprises a series of tiny injections you can get done during your lunch breaks, and walk away primed and ready to be refreshed and brand new in a matter of days.

No anesthetic injections, no recovery time, and if your doctor feels you require an anesthetic cream or cold pack to numb the spot, you will feel even less apprehensive. The muscles that are the cause of your troublesome furrows could be quite varied from individual to individual. Your doctor will use Botox™ Cosmetic to affect the muscles in question.

Your Board Certified Dermatologist will discover the culprit and have it treated with no delay. Your session that lasted hardly any time can produce amazing results that could keep you looking unhurried and serene for up to four months, results will vary per patient.

Browse through our website and check the 'treatment visualizer' that will give you a sneak preview at the 'Before and After Gallery' and get excited about the treat in store for you. So we invite you to explore and satisfy yourself.

*Results may vary

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